Essential Software for a Computer

Software is one of the important components that make a PC complete for the user. The software manufacturers are now introducing different software to make work easy for the PC user and the software market is growing to meet the users demands. Different software are available for different purpose and all come in different package. Here are few important and useful software for PC.

Antivirus is a program that should be installed in the system to protect it from virus and other malicious threats. Antivirus protects the data from external threats and the threats can come in different ways such as from emails and Internet. Antivirus are available in paid as well as in free version.

Today, youths use their PC for watching movies and listening songs and for that purpose media player is very important. There are different players available in the market and some system come with default players installed in it.

Next most important software is the office works software and most people prefer Microsoft Office because of its performance and features. Also, there are equally good free versions of office works software available online such as OpenOffice. It is up to the users to decide the best software for them.

Other than this, there are many other useful software available in the market such as browser, Picasa, CD/DVD burner, Downloader, Password Managers, and CCleaner. Most of the operating system comes with default browser and users have the option to download and use any browser of their choice.