Habits may Need to be Broken for Healing

The word ‘addiction’ can be applied to activities like gambling. It’s hard to say why one gambler may get addicted and another doesn’t, but the fact remains that gambling addiction is real and as much trouble as alcoholism.

Technology is pretty tough on addicts, with all the latest in gadgets, sports betting sites, and their subliminal suggestions. The flashing lights, the bells ringing and the excitement are all integral parts of an equation that sum up to spending more money.

Some good ways to deal with a gambling addiction are:

  • The most obvious one is don’t gamble. Ever.
  • Get software that won’t allow the user to see sports betting sites.
  • Play arcade games where a winner gets extra turns or tokens; no money and no sports betting sites.
  • Only play games that pay off in non-redeemable credits, points or kudos.
  • Don’t go to bars or casinos; find another way to entertain yourself.
  • Stay away from restaurants that have poker machines.
  • Talk to someone about it, don’t keep it a secret. Often having someone the addict trusts and knows is a relief to the addict. Keeping a secret like that is very hard, especially if the addict is aware of addiction symptoms that they are displaying involuntarily.
  • Make a practice of having only a few dollars readily available. Don’t carry credit or debit cards, checks or any cash over $10. If anything over that is required, then do without it.
  • Don’t hang out with the same people. Hang out with people that don’t gamble so it’s something not being done, rather than something to be stopped.

Know how much you can afford to lose, and stop there.