How Advanced Is Our Technology? How Do We Find Out?

It is advisable to rely on nature to decide whether we have made advancements in our technology. It is a natural rule that small organisms are simpler, efficient and effective. On the other hand, large organisms are invariably complicated and consume a lot of resources without providing enough return. We can definitely claim that we have made advancements in this area.

The earliest computers occupied huge rooms. Today, it is possible to carry the power of a computer in ones palm. The earliest tape recorders required complicated and permanent installation. Today, one can not just carry huge music libraries in a palm sized device but can also transfer files to other devices without any wired connection.

Another important index that one must consider when assessing technology is precision. Even a child can create a machine that works in a vague and imperfect manner. However, creating a device that accurately determines the number of times a piston goes in and out of a cylinder in a single second requires a lot of scientific progress.

Technology has really advanced in this regard. Today, the carburetor is a computerized device that keeps track of various factors like the speed of the vehicle, the temperature of the engine and quality of fuel to decide the exact amount of fuel to be injected into the engine. The only flaw is that our advancements in technology are not sustainable. We are dependent on non-renewable resources of material and energy. Sooner or later, you will have to tackle this issue to make sure our advancements do not stop.